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The Crafty Starbucks Costume

Disclaimer: We don’t celebrate the holiday for what it is, but we also allow our children to be children. Halloween is also my birthday so it’s a day FULL OF FUN! I know I’m late so consider this a head start for 2022 (or whenever you’re reading this).

Because this was Kiersten’s first costume I knew I wanted it to be unique, cheap (lol) and could work for a family costume. I’m now a full time mom, so I (1) try to work within a reasonable budget and (2) try to get out once a week. So one of our weekly mommy/daughter dates is target, with an exit visit to Starbucks. *lightbulb*

I wanted to her to be cute and comfortable so I knew anything cardboard was not an option….so how about my favorite drink??? A Frappuccino.

I went online and tried to find an infant Starbucks costume at a reasonable price. I mean she’s only 5 months, so because this would be a one time wear, I was NOT paying $65-$80 for it. So I put my creative brain to use, created a plan, and headed to Michaels.

Below I will give you step by step instructions on how I made THIS masterpiece with a $25 budget. If you are not a Michaels rewards member, sign up on their website to receive special coupons. They also always have a coupon available on their site, normally for 20% off regularly priced items.

This was easier than I thought it would be and took maybe 90 minutes to complete.

Materials: pencil, ruler (the iPhone has the measuring tool), felt (brown, green and white) (they were about $0.49 a sheet and I got 3 of each just to make sure I had enough), scissors, hot glue gun (regular, craft or fabric glue should work too), elastic, magic seam (optional), light. (Caramel) or dark brown (mocha) ribbon (optional), toilet paper roll, Velcro (optional). If this will be a family costume grab green aprons from Amazon. If you want to add the logo all you need is a printer (or cricut if you’re fancy).

Ready? Let’s create. There is a 30 second TikTok at the bottom for reference if you’re visual.

Now this is totally the order I worked in, by all means work in your preferred order. Choose your path, it’s all the same result.

Hat and straw: (I did this first because it took up the most time)

For the shape of the hat I initially used a random 6 inch cake board I had, wrapped it in felt and then glued it but then realized (after completion) that it was way too hard for Kiersten’s head. So back to the drawing board….

(1) I used a similac milk canister top to trace a circle on the white felt. Use something similar if you have it, or just freehand. Cut. Set aside. (2) Make the straw. Cut your toilet paper roll to open it, decide how big you want the straw to be and cut off what you won’t be using. Roll to desired size. Glue to close. (3). Take your green felt, wrap around the toilet paper roll until it’s covered. Cut. Glue. (4). Glue covered straw to the middle of the hat (white felt circle that we cut out in step 1) Tuck the green felt at the top inside. (5). Time for the whipped cream. Draw various sized circles on the white felt. Cut them out. Fold in half. Glue. Fold again. Glue. Glue to hat. Repeat until hat is covered. (6). Drizzle. This step is optional. Take your ribbon and glue it throughout the whipped cream. Glue. Cut off access ribbon. (7). Measure (I eyeballed) the amount of elastic you want to use. Cut. Attach to the bottom of the hat in the center. Done. It should look like this…..

Now that we’re done the hard part, let’s move on.

Body (full body or sleeve):

Decide whether you want the full body or just the cup sleeve. Follow these steps accordingly. (1). Grab your brown felt. Measure out how much you will need. I personally just wrapped it around the baby and went from there. Add an inch or 2 for wiggle room for closure. Cut. If your measuring resulted in multiple felt sheets just glue them together. If you opted for a sleeve, fold your connected felt sheets in half and cut. Determine what is your top and what is your bottom. (2). This step is optional. I chose to magic seam the bottom of the body for a more polished look. Just simply follow the instructions on the box. (3.) Whipped Cream and drizzle. Follow the same circle and ribbon process as the hat. I opted for larger circles so I used to same milk top to trace. Add ribbon. This can be done around the entire body top, or just the front. You can also bypass this step. Personal preference. (4). Close. You have 2 options here. You can glue the open pieces together. Or add Velcro. Because I have a busy baby I chose Velcro. It was also easier to put on her. Again personal preference. Whether you are gluing or Velcroing close please consider the outfit worn underneath, this is why we added wiggle room to the measurements. This is pretty self explanatory, glue or follow Velcro directions. Close. (5). Time to add the logo. Now that the body is done and closed, you should see what is the front of the costume. If you have a cricut machine you can vinyl cut the logo and iron on. If not, no worries, this is easier. If you have a computer and printer just Google the logo image, print, cut, glue to center of the costume. You can also print this out at Staples, Office Depot, etc., completed picture below for reference.

Depending on whether you chose body or sleeve, it should look like this.

Family costume? If you’re like us and chose family costume then you’ve already ordered your aprons right? Great. Just print out more logos and glue them on. Wear all black and you’re done.

The color outfit underneath is optional. Because she was our caramel mocha Frappuccino we chose the tan sleeper but white works perfectly well too.

A 30 second TikTok video for reference.

I hope you found this easy. Follow me on TikTok @mrscuffcakes.

XoXo, Charda

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